Schengen falls in a deep coma

In the mind of the everage European the actual symbol of the United Europe is the Euro. And this is the picture of a failure because it reflects a Europe ruled by banks and by the interests of the big financial players.

On the other hand if you ask young persons with an avarage or high education what it is in their opinion the mark of Europe, they will answer you: Schengen. It means the possibility of being really Europeans, it is the way of building a Nation out of so many Countries and it represents the pass for a wider range of professional opportunities.

Since Dicember there are rumors about the suspension of the treaty and several northern european countries have partially followed that way. Now a new rumor speaks about a two years suspension. Of course this will not effect in any positive way the migrants, but it will heavily impact the freedom of the European citizens. Plus, the migrants will have to be “integrated” in the border country or in any way managed by these countries. I’m not sure that people like Salvini of the italian xenophobic party “Lega” has ever thought about this problem whenever he shouted agaist Schengen… Actually I doubt that he ever had a thought standing within his skull…

The bottom line is that a Euro without a Europen United Nation has no reason to exist, but without Schengen Europe will fall into just a bounch of separated Countries. European citizen have always been far ahaed their politicians and while Brussels was stuck in neverending debates, the citizens were living in the real world mixing and creating a Nation. Probably this was unaccetable for the those who are actually in charge…

I’m wondering what will happen to the actual regular foreign residents in Europe, since their residence permit is linked to Schengen to allow them mobility within Europe, while their ID card is not valid out of the residence country. Will they be stuck in one country? Doesn’t this sound a bit like a discrimination? While the irregulars will always enter through the usual channels, the legal one will be better controlled… alongside all the European citizens….



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